May 31, 2010

Skelatons are the future

First off, I'd like to congratulate my cousin Tony for graduating high school this month! I remember two years ago when it was me trapped under that unflattering graduation gown and I remember I couldn't wait to start a new chapter of my life - and I hope you feel that same, Tony.

Now, being a couple of years older and full of mishaps and derailed paths I feel as though I am no longer nieve about life. After graduation, we have such high hopes and dreams about what we're going to do and where we hope to be - but sometimes, life takes us elsewhere. I thought I would be half way done with college by now, but yet, am still wrestling with the idea of school. Is it for me? Is it worth it? What do I want to do, now?
Higher education teaches you many things, from textbook to facebook. But whether or not I was in college or not, I still as though I've learned a lot of life lessons that one gets from being away from home and in a college enviornment.

Notice my Marc Jacobs sweater has skelaton prints? I carry a lot of skelatons in my closet, and today at graduation, I decided to take those skelatons and wear them.

I do have regrets, as I'm still trying to find myself. I have more knowledge about myself and the world around me.


Tony, now that you aren't confined with the same people you've been with for the past four years. I hope that you find yourself to do whatever it is you want to do - and do great things. Just remember, always dress your best. You'll never know where life will take you.

Do you like his outfit? When I was at work earlier that day, he went to my house and borrowed my vest and bowtie without me knowing.. Lol!

I love my grandma's style. It's very layered, simple and clean. Her choice in necklaces that day was truely classy. Look how well that jade pops against her ribbed maroon shirt! Style has trickled down in our family from generation to generation. I wish I could show you old photos she has of herself, my mom and aunts when they were younger. It's like staring at pictures of Rose and I. At least now we know that fierceness and fabulousity is genetic!

Head to toe:
BDG pink button-up from Urban Outfitters
Marc by Marc Jacobs cardigan
vintage bowtie
plastic turtle aviator sunglasses
H&M aviator pants
Zara high tops