July 16, 2009


Korean pop act SHINee in the issue of Vogue Girl in South Korea. Thoughts?

I love this new look for them. It really makes me happy that they've done some drastic changes to their usually boyish style. Their haircuts have definitely made them look much more mature, mysterious and edgy - much like rockstars

Is this spread a little gaylicious for some of you? Me too - and I love it! Something like this could never happen in the states, and that makes me sad. Why is that the U.S. perception of men have to be the extreme definition of masculine? Insecure much? Anyways, I love the frolicking with bandmates in bed.

Here's SHINee before.

...also very gaylicious.

AFW '09

So I recently attending the BuyDefinition kickoff party featuring Devushka designs. Sadly, I missed meeting the Devushka designer seeing that I had to work. Yes, gotta pay the bills with a day job folks - but that's beside the point. I am so excited I made it out to support my friend Esti and her store. BuyDefinition is mainly an online based boutique, www.buydefinition.com, who just relocated their showroom into a much bigger space. Here are some pictures from the event. 

Esti, founder of BuyDefinition

Photos courtesy of Andrew Chan

I was some straight legged Wrangler jeans, American Apparel stripped V-neck tee, DIY wrap around scarf, and vintage leather Minnetonkas loafers. My scarf is my favorite piece and was simple to make. A friend of mine gave me a scarf she made using the green stripped jersey fabric that she had cut at the fabric store. I simply took the piece of fabric she gave me and sewed up the two ends making it one big circle. From there, I wrapped it twice around my neck and fashioned according to my liking and voila you've got yourself a comfortable, lightweight neck piece!

July 06, 2009

Style Icons

It's Sunday night and I have plenty of time to kill so here are some of my personal favorite style icons. Let's start from left to right.
GDragon from Big Bang, Nicole RichieMary-Kate OlsenCarrie Bradshaw from Sex and the City, fashion blogger Bryan BoyLady Gaga, F4 members from Boys Before Flowers, fashion blogger Pascal Grob, and Ashley Olsen.

Each and every one of these people influence my day to day wardrobe choices and have changed the way I look at clothes and fashion. I only can imagine that one day someone will be inspired by me. That is all, buh-eyee!

July 05, 2009

July 2009 American Vogue

It's 5:18 AM here in Austin and I am sitting at my desk ready the July '09 issue of American Vogue. I was bored and awake after my July 4th festivities, or rather lack there of, so I decided to run to my local convenience store to grab some tea and this month's issue of Vogue. I have to say that Sienna Miller is NOT one of my favorite actresses but she seems to be grace the cover of Vogue many times.. I don't it.. or rather, I don't get her.. Who knows, I'll give it the benefit of the doubt and I will not judge this cover. Her dress and styling is also rather boring. Also, this month's issue is rather thin. I'm not a size queen and all, but, I do hope the content makes up for its' lack in size.

So far, I really enjoyed the piece on dealing with your financials from the perspective of a newly divorced single mother of two. As I was reading the piece, all I could think about was my own mother and how she nags me everyday to save money. I can't help my love for clothes and dining out.. But I will try. Shopping at thrift/vintage/exchange stores is a good start though. I can't remember the last time I splurged on an article of clothing - and I'm still broke.. But the Maggie McGuane's story really opened my eyes about money, saving, needs, wants, and spending habits. I will definitely taking a few pointers from her. 

Here are some of my favorite quotes from her piece.
"For a moment, I was chagrined by what I couldn't have. Comparison is lethal to contentment."

"For years, I'd acquired things that I not only didn't need but didn't much like after they were acquired."

This is the only piece I've read from this issue at the moment. I've just been skimming through the pictures and headlines that I'll end up reading later on. I love the collage of photos from this year's Costume Gala. One day, I will be in attendance. Buh-eyee!

July 04, 2009

Gareth Pugh 2009

I know this may be old news to some, but I can't get enough. It is just so mesmerizing..

July 03, 2009


I've recently made a purchase that I am very happy with. I purchased some TOMS shoes from a friend of mine's boutique, BuyDefinition. I've been wanting these shoes for quite some time now but never got around to getting them until I had lunch with my cousins from out-of-town at Whole Foods. We were lunching when I spotted the TOMS stand there - originally I wanted white ones, but opt for these instead.

Picture courtesy of BuyDefinition.com

I love the color and the stripes gives it that pop factor. This style comes in both red and blue. 
Besides looking super cute both on and off your feet, these shoes are extremely comfortable, lightweight, breathable and of course by purchasing a pair, you are helping people! For every pair of TOMS sold a pair of shoes will be donated to a child in need of shoes. You can read all about their cause at the TOMS website.

All in all, these shoes are my new substitute to sandals. With sandals, walking around all day in this Texas heat can leaves my feet feeling gross and black on the bottom, but with my TOMS my feet can breathe without dirty feet. Everyone should get a pair!