July 16, 2009

AFW '09

So I recently attending the BuyDefinition kickoff party featuring Devushka designs. Sadly, I missed meeting the Devushka designer seeing that I had to work. Yes, gotta pay the bills with a day job folks - but that's beside the point. I am so excited I made it out to support my friend Esti and her store. BuyDefinition is mainly an online based boutique, www.buydefinition.com, who just relocated their showroom into a much bigger space. Here are some pictures from the event. 

Esti, founder of BuyDefinition

Photos courtesy of Andrew Chan

I was some straight legged Wrangler jeans, American Apparel stripped V-neck tee, DIY wrap around scarf, and vintage leather Minnetonkas loafers. My scarf is my favorite piece and was simple to make. A friend of mine gave me a scarf she made using the green stripped jersey fabric that she had cut at the fabric store. I simply took the piece of fabric she gave me and sewed up the two ends making it one big circle. From there, I wrapped it twice around my neck and fashioned according to my liking and voila you've got yourself a comfortable, lightweight neck piece!

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