September 05, 2010


I'm stuck in a rut. I've been contemplating ideas for the photos I have from a shoot a few weeks back. I had all the girls jump or give me some sort of movement in the photos. Originally, I had thought of the concept of Rose, their older sister, trying to catch the trouble making twins who've are having too much fun causing havoc, all the while dressed to the nines in their sister's wardrobe. While I was editing I got stuck. I don't quite have the photos that I like together, but I'm still working. I thought it'd be nice to show you guys some of what I have in hopes for some suggestions! Lol. Editor's block, help?

Without Rose
With Rose

Personally, I think I need to go back and make Rose look a little less shopped. That's probably the main reason I'm not too keen on the second photo.


I was driving the other day and Madonna's 'Jump' came on my iPod and it hit me -- I was inspired. I love that song. I had it on repeat the summer before I moved to the big city. The lyrics mirrored my life to a tee at that moment, and I love that it wasn't a ballad, but a upbeat pop song 'cause those are my favorite tracks. I felt like at that moment in my life, that song WAS me. Then I thought about the jumping pictures of the girls I had taken, it fit so well. The story I wanted tell through the images. So I'm going off that. :)

Listen for yourself.
Madonna - Jump

September 02, 2010

I cannot wait! Collection previews out Nov. 2 and hits 200 H&M stores worldwide Nov.23!

Alber is totally adorable in the video, btw.
And of course, with his signature bowtie!

August 24, 2010

Austin Fashion Week '10

Last week the streets of Austin were invaded by the fashionistas of greater central Texas area! This year was the second year for AFW and has come a long way from last years. The organizing and scheduling for events was much improved, but after speaking with people involved, there's still room for improvement. Don't get me wrong, this is a great thing. Austin has so much potential and it's fashion weeks from here on will only become nothing short of spectacular. People will swarm here for the live music in the Spring and fashion week in the Fall! ;)

Here are some pictures of me out and about this past week.
P.S. I'm very horrible with remember names.. I do apologize.
& excuse the hot mess that is myself.

Chi, me, Laura, + Rose
Laura with Esosa + Rose
Dean Frederick event at The Heist
With Esti, owner of, and Annie
With Rose @ Longford event with one of the contributing designer
Rose, Gretchen, Maris, Esti

I was also featured on Brandy Joy Smith's blog! I met her at the Locks of Love Hair/Makeup show Monday night at Phoenix & then again at the Buy Definition x Via Christa party.

I didn't get to make it to the awards on Saturday night because I left town to Houston for a dear friend's Birthday, but I did hear through the grapevine that my photographer friend, Andrew Chan, won! Congrats!

All photos that aren't my own are courtesy of Miguel Angel + Annie Ray

August 19, 2010

Quick Update!

Here's a preview of what I'm working on with Rose ft. Linda + Lydia. It started as casual day of playful dress up and some family quality time. It was Linda's idea to put on a fashion show using Rose's closet. They girls love going through her closet to find clothes that might be too small for her and a perfect fit on them. I guess they learned from me, lol, I'm always going through Rose's closet, too. Also, all the of the outfits you'll see were styled by the girls. There are some great ones! Can't wait for you guys to see.

What came of it was totally unexpected and I'm working to share it with you guys, soon. Video + Photos to come.

August 01, 2010

Same me, different times

This picture was taken back in 2007 when I was 17 on my first trip to Dallas, Texas in the courtyard of the American Airlines Center. I used to love this picture, but now seeing it now and comparing it to what I look like now, I see a drastic change. To many others, you'll probably just see a younger version of me, now, but my perception of myself is probably a lot different from others. I do admit that I miss my straight teeth.. I had recently had my braces removed a couple months before this picture. Now, my teeth are jacked up again due to my own laziness and hatred towards wearing those painful retainers.... Boy do I regret that now.

Here are some more pictures of me from that year. I look at these and I think, I'm still the same, yet so different.
I'm also thinking about doing a timeline of photos from each year for the past 3-5 years to now to see how much I've changed, physically. If you didn't know before, I'm finally a gym goer and I'd like to see the change in my body and how it affects the look and fit of clothes on my body.

I believe that superficiality isn't a bad thing at all, of course, there are negative connotations to the word but everything has it's pros and cons. It all depends on where on the spectrum you decided to take them. I care about my outer appearance, but I believe that I'm just trying to find the best ways to accentuate what I have in the most appealing manner.

The slightest change in your eyebrows, hair, how you dress, makeup, walk, and even attitude can make a huge difference. I'm on a self discovery with myself to find the best combination of those aspects and more to be the best person I can. Of course, while simultaneously working on the inside as well.

Heidi Montag's 'Superficial' performed by HartzProduction

July 28, 2010

The future in high res

This is genius! It just comes to show you that publication isn't dead, just enhanced. I've wanted to go into publication after spending the best three years of my life with my high school's yearbook. It was something I loved and truly enjoyed -- and still look back on today. I even majored in Journalism and English in college back in New York, one of the biggest publication locations.

This is not only brilliant in the sense of keeping an industry alive, but also thriving new ones such as the retail, software, technology, and manufacturing industries. As soon as Vogue, Nylon, W, Elle, Harpers, In Touch, and all of my other favorite magazines jump on the bandwagon you can bet I'll be in line at the Apple store getting my new iPad!

One con, though, this directly affects the printing industry drastically. The silver lining is that we'll be saving trees! Right?

For anyone who already has an iPad, if you guys try out the Net-a-Porter app, please let me know how you like it.

July 27, 2010

The Monster Ball

"I can't pay my rent, but I'm fucking gorgeous!"
Semi Precious Weapons, who opened at the Monster Ball
Nothin' wrong with being just a little bit vain
We need a little pretty cuz this country's insane
So go ahead and label me whatever you like

As many of you may know, The Monster Ball came to town and you can bet your sweet ass this monster was there. I went to the second show in Houston with three other friends, including Avan 'Memoirs of a Gaysian'. She was amazing -- a great performer, inspirational, comical, and has more endurance than a normal person should have. I don't want to spoil much because I filmed some great footage that I hope to be putting together in sometime soon. The tour isn't ending soon. So get your hands on some tickets to upcoming shows if you haven't already!

P.S. if you're going to I definitely recommend dressing up and NOT waiting until last minute, *ahem* the day before, to look for an outfit.. I ended up just packing essentials from my closet and putting something together once I got to Houston.

Since it was Gaga, I decided to wear a tamed smokey eye and added some edge to it with bottom lashes. I just grabbed some of my friend Moni's old lashes and stuck them on the bottom. Whatdoyathink?

Here are some less serious pictures of us in the car on the way to the venue and in the parking lot. I don't know if I've mentioned it before, but I lost my point and shoot camera months ago, and you can't bring in SLRs into the venue -- hence the lack of photographs.

L to R: Avan + Me, Moni + Michelle, Moni + Me

Head to toe:
DIY cross t-shirt
F21 fringe vest
Miley Cyrus black denim
Vintage jewelry
Vintage boots

July 26, 2010

Blur the lines of transition

I was feeling like I needed to dress a little less crazy recently, partly due to the heat here in Texas. It's scourching hot! So I opted for something subtle, yet still me. I originally had a plain gray vest, but quickly switched to the black fringe vest when I saw it laying around in Rose's gameroom.
Recently, I've made a lot of positive changes in my life -- for the better. This song totally keeps me going and relates very well to my current state of mind. Ironically, I heard it at the gym and had the lightbulb moment. The gym is one of my few positive changes! :)
Patti LaBelle - New Attitude

Head to toe:
Abercrombie red stripped shirt
Vintage bowtie
F21 fringe vest
G-Star Raw denim
Urban Outfitters shoes

July 24, 2010

The Pretty Reckless - Make Me Wanna Die


Today has been one exhausting day. It started off with an 8:30 AM wake up call only after a two and half hour night's sleep to go work with my sister for a few hours, followed by a long overdue hair appointment. It felt really nice to catch up with Tiffany, the owner of Studio TiLee, and trim my lion's mane. Vanity can be therapeutic, if you look you you'll feel good -- for the moment at least.

Afterwards, I met with my cousin, Phillip, at Korea House for his Birthday lunch and had some delicious bul gal bi -- broke my diet, for sure, and you can forget about portion control! I had to treat myself to something, it was a special occasion AND the weekend. I ended up finishing and leaving early back home, which is relatively far from Austin, to avoid the hideous traffic that comes with Friday afternoons. Upon arriving to my second home, Phillip's house, I completely embraced my food coma and pass out -- leaving my friend bored out of his mind. Sorry!

Two hours later, I wake up from the noise of party goers and friends of the Birthday boy and realized I had 30 minutes to wake up, get ready and drive 20 minutes to the Cheesecake Factory for Diya's Birthday dinner with Rose and Laura. After hauling my behind I arrived 20 minutes late. Luckily, they were waiting for a table still. Dinner was also bad for my diet, fun and filled with the company of new interesting people -- fellow bloggers and fashion enthusiasts! It was great meeting you Anslee, Joyce, Esosa, and Tamanna.

By the time dessert came around, it was about 10:30 PM and I was beat.

Even though today was full of leisure activities, I felt the toll of a full gruelling day of running around. Upon coming home on a Friday night, all I wanted to do was watch a movie until I fell asleep or stay up and talk. I wanted to just take a breath. Realizing that I had no one to do that with really upset me. Normally, I enjoy the company of myself just fine, but there was something about tonight that made me particularly miss the company of someone I cared about. I guess it doesn't help that I saw my ex, or what you could count as an ex, walking on my way to get my haircut. Even though it was short and we had our differences, at times I miss him and it upset me how we ended..

I want to be able to chase both my dreams and love. I don't see why we have to choose as long we we're moving forward in positive directions and balance the two. Call me a dreamer, but I want it all -- and someday, I will have it all. Until then, goodnight all.

Photos will be posted once I can find them and my hands on some. I didn't take any photos today, unfortunately.
Also, I'm not worried about my weight as much as this post makes it out to be. I'm just on a diet and workout plan to get fit. I'm on a mission to get a six-pack. That's all.

July 20, 2010


Remember a few posts back when I was a dresser for the Worldwide Maniac fashion show? I finally got a hold of some behind the scenes pictures of me, the dressers and Richie Rich! Enjoy.

Kaidon, Julie, Mary, Richie, me, Jessica, and Stephanie

Dressers at the Worldwide Maniac fashion show

When I met Richie Rich. He was totally chill and looked a lot different in real life then he does in pictures. Overall super nice, mellow guy -- although I didn't speak to him much. P.S. he rubbed glitter on just about everyone, hence the glitter on my cheek.

July 12, 2010

Happy 21st Birthday Chi!
I know you had fun -- cause we all sure did!

The Fame

Can I hire paparazzis to take pictures of me when I'm feeling cute?
Over the weekend, mxrosie and I went out for some drinks to celebrate her freedom from first session of summer school. I can't believe by the end of this year she'll be graduating! So proud! It's been such a long overdue journey.

In all honesty, I'd rather have my privacy.

"You're our biggest fans, you'll follow us until we love you."


L to R -- Me, Tony, Rose, Sam, and Eric
I had such an amazing time this past weekend. Especially Friday night. I started by day by finishing off the week at the gym, because I knew my caloric intake this weekend would be plentiful, then met Sam at happy hour with Rose, Eric and Tony. (picture above) Happy hour was great, it was my first time at this new 'best kept secret'. They had friendly bartenders who made strong, delicious drinks with even better finger foods to accompany your buzz. From the night on, we went to Halcyon for more drinks and smores. After stuffing our faces, we finally decided to hit the dance floor at Rain. From then on is a blur.

Head to toe:
Diesel shirt
Urban Outfitters tie
Vintage vest
BDG denim
Zara shoes
Urban Outfitters studded belt

June 26, 2010

DIY 'Karl Who?' tote

Photos of my DIY 'Karl Who?' tote I made earlier this summer.

I am obsessed with this runway track for Chanel's 2010 cruise collection.
I'm so obsessed, I even have a ringtone version of it.

It was really simple and cost efficient - since I couldn't get my hands on the real thing.
I love it! I use it whenever I need a small bag to carry only my necessities. I absolutely hate stuffing my pockets, resulting in oddly shaped pants.

American Apparel canvas tote
fabric paint
flat top brush, I got them as a set in different sizes

June 24, 2010

WWM Fashion Show

Last weekend, I dressed the World Wide Maniac fashion show here in Austin showcasing designers Maggie Norris Couture, Carson Case Couture and Richie Rich. I got there with some friends and waited around for about two and a half hours waiting for something to do! In the meantime, we enjoyed food, loud music, awkward moments, and attractive models running around. Once they were ready for the dressers, us, we were assigned models, each with three looks. My model, Megan, was great to work with! Here are videos of the all the collections courtesy of Fashionably Austin's YouTube page. Backstage photos to come shortly..

Maggie Norris' collection was stunning. It was very detailed with great accessories. I real fantasy collection.
Richie Rich's collection was classic Richie Rich. I feel like when you look at a piece of clothing by him or a clothing by Heatherette, you just know.


Overall, the show was a success and I learned so much in the short time that I was actually useful and doing something. I met a lot of great people and good networks for future endeavors, and I also learned that it's very hard to keep eye contact with attractive male models - especially if they're half nude.

June 18, 2010

Be the Change

Be the change
As part of National Pride month, YouTubers around the nation have made 'Be the Change' videos to spread the word about LGBTQ and the Trevor Project. Here are some of my favorite 'Be the Change' videos and below is my own story of how I'm apart of the change. Watch. Listen. Learn. Think. Change.

Like many other LGBTQ members, I've struggled with myself about coming to terms of who I am. We live in a world that does not educate about LGBTQ, but rather urge us to believe that who we are is wrong. I grew up, and still live, in the South where many views and ideas are still very 'Republican', but on the upside to that, my city is one of the more liberal cities in my state -- and it's a pretty big state.

Throughout middle school and early high school, I hadn't yet found myself and where I belong in this chaotic pool of freaks, geeks, outcasts, and the plastics. Was I a cool Asian? An Asian nerd? An unfriendly black hottie? I tried so hard to find out. I floated and molded myself into what I thought I should be. I was always conscience of whether or not I was hiding my homosexuality enough so that the other kids wouldn't start pointing fingers at me. Although, looking back now, I know I didn't do so very well.

Throughout this time, I was fortunate enough to be apart of amazing groups that opened my eyes to the world and myself. I slowly let go of my insecurities and fears and become what I what I wanted to be on the inside, on the outside.

In high school, I was 'out'. I had this idea that I did not want to be known for my sexual orientation but rather, my talents and skills. I never denied my sexuality if someone had asked me or talked about it, but it was never what I would start off with. I wanted people to get to know me and not my sexual orientation.

Now, with life after high school. Looking back at the many photos I have. I can see more and more of my insides. Now it's my life, and I wear what I want to wear, do what I want to do, say what I want to say, act how I want to act, and love who I want to love. I truly believe that being myself has inspired my friends to be themselves. Having the confidence to be yourself is tough for everyone. Fear is not biased. We all experience it.

Each and every day I wake up and am myself. Because of this, I can hope that others see this and can do the same. Whether your a personal friend of mine or just see me walking down the street. "Hey, he's wearing make-up. Why can't I?"

There are so many people that I look up to and aspire to because they are themselves. They hold themselves with such confidence and poise that I makes me feel/think that it's okay. People will always be knocking you down and criticizing you, and those people are the ones that are really criticizing themselves because the fear that we all have is greater within these people. The fear has taken over them. Don't let the fear take you. Be yourself. Be the change.

"I can do everything through him who gives me strength."

P.S. I know I should proofread, but sometimes I just write and publish. K-kinda busy.


Playlist I had going on while writing this post.
Destiny's Child - Stand Up For Love
Cindy Lauper - True Colors (Glee version)
Miley Cyrus - Liberty Walk
Rent - Goodbye Love
Rent - Without You

June 13, 2010

Avan's Birthday. More to come.
L to R: Kevin, Chi, Kaidon, Shelley, Cici, me, Touyen, and Laney

Some of my favorite photobooth photos
Girls with the Birthday boy

Head to toe:
Vintage blazer
BDG Maroon v-neck t-shirt
Urban Outfitters necklace
Miley Cyrus/Max Azria jeans