July 12, 2010

The Fame

Can I hire paparazzis to take pictures of me when I'm feeling cute?
Over the weekend, mxrosie and I went out for some drinks to celebrate her freedom from first session of summer school. I can't believe by the end of this year she'll be graduating! So proud! It's been such a long overdue journey.

In all honesty, I'd rather have my privacy.

"You're our biggest fans, you'll follow us until we love you."


L to R -- Me, Tony, Rose, Sam, and Eric
I had such an amazing time this past weekend. Especially Friday night. I started by day by finishing off the week at the gym, because I knew my caloric intake this weekend would be plentiful, then met Sam at happy hour with Rose, Eric and Tony. (picture above) Happy hour was great, it was my first time at this new 'best kept secret'. They had friendly bartenders who made strong, delicious drinks with even better finger foods to accompany your buzz. From the night on, we went to Halcyon for more drinks and smores. After stuffing our faces, we finally decided to hit the dance floor at Rain. From then on is a blur.

Head to toe:
Diesel shirt
Urban Outfitters tie
Vintage vest
BDG denim
Zara shoes
Urban Outfitters studded belt