July 24, 2010


Today has been one exhausting day. It started off with an 8:30 AM wake up call only after a two and half hour night's sleep to go work with my sister for a few hours, followed by a long overdue hair appointment. It felt really nice to catch up with Tiffany, the owner of Studio TiLee, and trim my lion's mane. Vanity can be therapeutic, if you look you you'll feel good -- for the moment at least.

Afterwards, I met with my cousin, Phillip, at Korea House for his Birthday lunch and had some delicious bul gal bi -- broke my diet, for sure, and you can forget about portion control! I had to treat myself to something, it was a special occasion AND the weekend. I ended up finishing and leaving early back home, which is relatively far from Austin, to avoid the hideous traffic that comes with Friday afternoons. Upon arriving to my second home, Phillip's house, I completely embraced my food coma and pass out -- leaving my friend bored out of his mind. Sorry!

Two hours later, I wake up from the noise of party goers and friends of the Birthday boy and realized I had 30 minutes to wake up, get ready and drive 20 minutes to the Cheesecake Factory for Diya's Birthday dinner with Rose and Laura. After hauling my behind I arrived 20 minutes late. Luckily, they were waiting for a table still. Dinner was also bad for my diet, fun and filled with the company of new interesting people -- fellow bloggers and fashion enthusiasts! It was great meeting you Anslee, Joyce, Esosa, and Tamanna.

By the time dessert came around, it was about 10:30 PM and I was beat.

Even though today was full of leisure activities, I felt the toll of a full gruelling day of running around. Upon coming home on a Friday night, all I wanted to do was watch a movie until I fell asleep or stay up and talk. I wanted to just take a breath. Realizing that I had no one to do that with really upset me. Normally, I enjoy the company of myself just fine, but there was something about tonight that made me particularly miss the company of someone I cared about. I guess it doesn't help that I saw my ex, or what you could count as an ex, walking on my way to get my haircut. Even though it was short and we had our differences, at times I miss him and it upset me how we ended..

I want to be able to chase both my dreams and love. I don't see why we have to choose as long we we're moving forward in positive directions and balance the two. Call me a dreamer, but I want it all -- and someday, I will have it all. Until then, goodnight all.

Photos will be posted once I can find them and my hands on some. I didn't take any photos today, unfortunately.
Also, I'm not worried about my weight as much as this post makes it out to be. I'm just on a diet and workout plan to get fit. I'm on a mission to get a six-pack. That's all.


  1. just glad you made it!

    don't know much about your romantic life but I always say, if you've got to make compromises in your life in order to make him the perfect one, then he's not the perfect one. "Perfection" includes fitting seamlessly into your dreams and current lifestyle...

    Plus, it's better to wait for Mr. Right than to settle for Mr. Right Now...right? ;)


  2. Dude, so that's what it was about. It'll be ok, and yes you WILL have it alllll one day. Patience is a virtue.

  3. Thanks for the read and advice guys! It was a momentary weakness.. Things are better today.