February 25, 2010

Russian Princess - on a budget

Over the past year, some of my closest fashionistas have traded in their handy, full of evil and regrets piece of plastic, for a few dollars and coupons. Who says a fashionista can't be frugal? Isn't that the smartest decision for those of us who don't have a Swiss bank account? I think so. Here's to being frugalistas!

I recently made a vintage/thrift shopping trip on South Congress - an amazing shopping area full of vintage boutiques, thrift shops, one of three American Apparels in my city, high-end boutiques, and good eats. After rummaging through some vintage boutiques, we went next door to a thrift store owned by a local church before it closed, there I found this amazing trench coat by Banana Republic (seen below) and a Lanvin-esque bowtie.

I've accumulated plenty thrifty finds that I have yet to wear because I simple don't have anywhere to pair them with. Usually, I don't buy items without knowing how it'll fit into my wardrobe, but sometimes you come across items that are too good to pass up at the time of purchase! After getting the trench I wanted to get some good use out of it before the Texas heat decides to take over. I paired the coat with Aunt's sweater that I stole from her closet, cream coloured denim versus black to give it a lighter look and feel since I decided to wear black boots, some small accessories, and of course, touches of fur! I love the way all the pieces come together to make a beautiful color palette. Many runways shows, past and present, show looks that are head to toe one colour. I love it on models and ad campaigns, but normally, I hate to dress/look matchy-matchy but in this case, I'll make an exception.

Here's a prime example of looks that are all one colour. Dior fall 2007. We love Dior. We love Jessica Stam.

Much of my look includes vintage/thrift finds mixed in with regularly priced retail pieces which is why I call this look Russian Princess, on a budget. I always encourage everyone to pair high-end with low-end to achieve the perfect look. With that in mind, try to have most of your high-end pieces be your staple pieces that you can wear on many occasions.

Head to toe:
Urban Outfitter's faux fur hat (borrowed from mxrosie)
Dilated sunglasses
Banana Republic trench coat
Zara faux fur vest
Vintage sweater
Vintage gold necklace
Forever 21 tiered fringe necklace
Urban Outfitter's jean
Vintage boots

February 24, 2010

Snow day!

Today we had a snow day here in Texas! In the past, the closest thing we've gotten to a snow day is an ice day - but today it really did snow! I woke up late due to staying up way too late the night before. My friends and family were already outside having snowball fights and making mini-snowmen. When they decided to wake me up around 3PM (I know that's so late) I was rushed to get ready. So please excuse the odd outfit. I didn't get as many photos as I'd like, but here are a few.

Head to toe:
-University of Texas hat
-J.Crew scarf
-Abercrombie & Fitch coat
-Gap long sleeve baseball shirt
-Armani Exchange gloves
-Wrangler jeans
-Nike shoes

The girl in the last photo is my cousin, Rose. She has a fashion blog as well. Check her out!
Rose's blog - MXROSIE

February 22, 2010

Round Broken Heart...

It brings a tear to my eyes as I post this picture... I loved these glasses... They were so cheap, yet great quality, and so beautiful.

Karen Walker Spring 2010

I had some that looked like the first ones on the girl model but my cousin sat on them... Like, exactly like them! :( That was a sad day. We all know how much I love sunglasses, especially circle frame ones!

I've always loved Karen Walker sunnies. These are some I wanted a few seasons back.

February 19, 2010

Make-Up Routine

I love to wear makeup, not because I'm a drag or want to be, but because it's just fun! I started wearing concealer years ago to conceal my acne and scars. Let's just say it has evolved from there.... I always said that once my skins is up to par I would stop wearing makeup, but now that my skin is finally under control, I can't seem to let go of my makeup! It's crack for my face! :(

This is what I use when I do wear makeup; I don't wear it everyday.
-MAC fix plus
-Givenchy Mister Mat matifying foundation primer OR Smashbox Photo Finish color correcting primer in green
-Make Up For Ever's HD foundation
-MAC select cover-up concealer
-MAC matte bronze
-Stila eyebrow set in medium
-Make Up For Ever's HD Powder (nighttime, going out)
-Sephora stippling brush
-Sonia Kashuk angled contour brush
-Sonia Kashuk crease eyeshadow brush
-Sephora angled eyebrow brush

Where to buy: Sephora, MAC Cosmetics & Target

I'm not going to post detailed step by step instructions for you guys because I am not a makeup artist nor a makeup guru. I do my makeup for myself and on myself only... Take what you want from my video and leave what you don't. I learned how to do my makeup through years of trial an error as well as watching makeup tutorials on YouTube of the real makeup gurus. My method of doing makeup is completely a mixture of those two factors. Like I said, I won't give step by step instructions but here are some pointers that I find most helpful!

-When using a sponge, always use a damp sponge! Damp sponges really help you build coverage and reduces cakyness.
-Always use clean brushes - that's a no brainer... But yeah, many of us forget to clean our brushes. I use Bare Escentual's quick change before and after I use my brushes and deep clean them once a week.
-use concealer after foundation, unless you use mineral foundation, if you have acne scars. Your concealer's coverage doesn't conceal the marks to your liking, then use concealer over. This way you save more concealer and use less product on your face!
-do makeup in good lighting, preferable by a window. Natural lighting is your best friend!
-makeup is to enhance, less is more! don't hide your natural beauty underneath pounds of makeup :)

P.S. I didn't shave so you can see my stubble... Oops!
& look! HQ photos, as promised!

Outfit: Feb. 18, 2010

This is what I wore today. Again, sorry for the poor quality photo but I was rushing around all day today before being called into work (ugh..). High quality pictures will come! Promise!

Also, I feel horrible because my friend Kaidon actually wanted me to come meet him to take pictures of me today for his blog, KAIDON'S BLOG. But unfortunately I was unable to meet him today. I'm sure we'll have a photoshoot together in the near future - so look out for that!

Head to toe:
Andy Warhol vintage stripped shirt
Vintage gold chain necklace
My cousin's second hand store sweater
American Apparel jeans in light yellow
Vintage boots
D.I.Y 'Karl Who?' tote

Zara Spring 2010

Today, when I went to the mall in search of pieces to update my cousin's wardrobe, we stopped by Zara. I've always loved Zara and am so glad that we finally have one here in Austin. When I lived in New York I always went to Zara for chic business casual attire, and then would go next door to H&M to find a cheaper version. Living in New York did not leave me much of a clothing budget. :/

Back to my story. We went into Zara and I immediately ran towards a certain trench coat I had seen a few weeks back. I still haven't gotten the trench coat out of my head. It is so beautiful, on the rack and on my body. Unfortunately, it is getting warmer where I leave and is only cold a few months out of the year, so I thought about it economically. I would not have many chances to wear it, therefore, I would not be getting a good return on my purchase. I am still thinking about it as I type. I may be going back to get it anyways. Wreckless spending and minimal self-control at its' finest.

I tried to find the trench on the Zara website to show you but could not find the exact one in stores. Instead, I was surprised to run into an amazing new collection campaign shown online featuring the faces of German model Toni Garrn and, my personal favorite, American model Sean O'pry. Take a look for yourself.

From the looks of it, Zara's spring collection is very loose western meets modern day safari, that can also look recession friendly with the loose casual look. The soft, muted colors are change from the typical bright florals we use during the spring. Although the color are beige, browns and greens, Zara makes them bright and airy for spring - which works perfectly. If you stop by a Zara nearest you, you will also find soft colored print shirts and statement colored dresses to complete the collection - giving you the ultimate sophisticated spring season.

Here are some of my favorite dresses.
I love the eggplant color on the first dress and the draping on one shoulder topped off with a thin waist belt. Mix with some nude platform pumps and a messy bun and you've got a simple, yet sexy, nighttime look.
The two asymmetrical dresses make a much louder statement. Both dresses accentuates the shoulder, which is one of the hottest trends at the moment. The forest green dress with a tulle shoulder draping is very Lanvin Spring 2010 inspired, I think.

February 18, 2010

Online shopping

I want these so bad! Though, they're currently sold out.. When I first saw these a couple days ago I immediately contacted the company for a special request on these sunglasses; both in white and black, both sold out. They responded the next day letting me know that they're gonna contact the vendor to see if they can get me a pair! *fingers crossed!* I love circle framed sunglasses. I feel like they work best on my face type; which is not too long nor round, but oval shaped.

P.S. if any of you guys know where else to get these sunglasses please contact me!
I am currently waiting for 80's Purple to tell me they got them in stock.

On a side note, I am currently trying to resist myself from purchasing this blazer from asos.com. At the moment, I keep convincing myself not to buy it and to save a little bit a of money but I can't seem to stop thinking about it... It's just simple black fitted blazer - definitely would be a staple item because I would wear it with many different pieces and to many different events. I will let you guys know if this item becomes part of my collection.

RIP Lee Alexander McQueen


As we all know, legendary designer Alexander McQueen passed away last week. I just wanted to quickly write about how devastating it is to see McQueen go. I loved his work, especially his recent Fall 09 and 2010 women's collections. I do not need to say anymore more about McQueen because his work speaks for itself.

Here is my McQueen inspired attire I wore the day he died. I apologize for the poor quality photo, I snapped a few pictures to twitpic using my iPhone.

Chanel sunglasses
American Apparel long sleeve t-shirt
Vintage vest
McQueen inspired skull scarf
Black Zara faux fur

When you see a woman wearing McQueen, there's a certain hardness to the clothes that makes her look powerful.... It kind of fends people off. You have to have a lot of balls to talk to a woman wearing my clothes.
- Alexander McQueen

February 09, 2010

Let's FACE it

Wow, sorry I have not even touched this blog in so long.. I really am sorry, I will definitely be keeping up with this more often! I just wanted to do a quick update on what I've been up to lately. (A more in depth post will be coming in the short future.)

I just wanted to blog about my recent purchase that I am so excited about! I just purchased my very own Clarisonic Mia today and I am currently loving it! I've been researching this product, reading reviews online and watching product reviews on YouTube about the Clarisonic for months now; and now it's mine! :) My face feels so light and clean after only one use! My friends even complimented me today, saying that my skin looks healthier and brighter!

I know that you're probably thinking, "what in the world does this have to do with fashion!?"
Well, as we all know, in the fashion industry to be a model one must have impeccable skin. I do not possess such luck. Hopefully my Clarisonic will help with this! But enough with the Clarisonic plug, my point is that beauty starts with your skin/face. For many people who struggle with acne, it causes them to have low self-esteem which leads them to have less confidence and a negative self image. I believe that when anyone can pull off anything they wear, whether is Louboutin shoes to Salvation Army thrift shoes, as long as they have confidence and attitude to wear them and make them look amazing. Your skin/face should be the main attraction, while your clothes, accessories, makeup, hair, shoes, etc. are just the sideshows.