February 19, 2010

Make-Up Routine

I love to wear makeup, not because I'm a drag or want to be, but because it's just fun! I started wearing concealer years ago to conceal my acne and scars. Let's just say it has evolved from there.... I always said that once my skins is up to par I would stop wearing makeup, but now that my skin is finally under control, I can't seem to let go of my makeup! It's crack for my face! :(

This is what I use when I do wear makeup; I don't wear it everyday.
-MAC fix plus
-Givenchy Mister Mat matifying foundation primer OR Smashbox Photo Finish color correcting primer in green
-Make Up For Ever's HD foundation
-MAC select cover-up concealer
-MAC matte bronze
-Stila eyebrow set in medium
-Make Up For Ever's HD Powder (nighttime, going out)
-Sephora stippling brush
-Sonia Kashuk angled contour brush
-Sonia Kashuk crease eyeshadow brush
-Sephora angled eyebrow brush

Where to buy: Sephora, MAC Cosmetics & Target

I'm not going to post detailed step by step instructions for you guys because I am not a makeup artist nor a makeup guru. I do my makeup for myself and on myself only... Take what you want from my video and leave what you don't. I learned how to do my makeup through years of trial an error as well as watching makeup tutorials on YouTube of the real makeup gurus. My method of doing makeup is completely a mixture of those two factors. Like I said, I won't give step by step instructions but here are some pointers that I find most helpful!

-When using a sponge, always use a damp sponge! Damp sponges really help you build coverage and reduces cakyness.
-Always use clean brushes - that's a no brainer... But yeah, many of us forget to clean our brushes. I use Bare Escentual's quick change before and after I use my brushes and deep clean them once a week.
-use concealer after foundation, unless you use mineral foundation, if you have acne scars. Your concealer's coverage doesn't conceal the marks to your liking, then use concealer over. This way you save more concealer and use less product on your face!
-do makeup in good lighting, preferable by a window. Natural lighting is your best friend!
-makeup is to enhance, less is more! don't hide your natural beauty underneath pounds of makeup :)

P.S. I didn't shave so you can see my stubble... Oops!
& look! HQ photos, as promised!

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