June 24, 2010

WWM Fashion Show

Last weekend, I dressed the World Wide Maniac fashion show here in Austin showcasing designers Maggie Norris Couture, Carson Case Couture and Richie Rich. I got there with some friends and waited around for about two and a half hours waiting for something to do! In the meantime, we enjoyed food, loud music, awkward moments, and attractive models running around. Once they were ready for the dressers, us, we were assigned models, each with three looks. My model, Megan, was great to work with! Here are videos of the all the collections courtesy of Fashionably Austin's YouTube page. Backstage photos to come shortly..

Maggie Norris' collection was stunning. It was very detailed with great accessories. I real fantasy collection.
Richie Rich's collection was classic Richie Rich. I feel like when you look at a piece of clothing by him or a clothing by Heatherette, you just know.


Overall, the show was a success and I learned so much in the short time that I was actually useful and doing something. I met a lot of great people and good networks for future endeavors, and I also learned that it's very hard to keep eye contact with attractive male models - especially if they're half nude.

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