June 03, 2010

Fashion Fundraising

This post is so late - just like all of my other posts...
Last week, my friend Kaidon facebooked me asking me to go to a Fashion Fundraising event at Ruta Maya on South Congress. Rose came with me, here's us arriving to the event and taking pictures in front of this really gorgeous waterfall fountain.

Head to toe:
Express fedora
vintage vest
Hanes t-shirt
F21 cross necklace
Metro Park Buddha beads
American Apparel yellow denim pants
ASOS sandals


We were running a little late, like always, but luckily got to the event a few minutes before the show started. The space and company was very quaint, it was definitely not a formal event at all. Good thing! I would have not been appropriately dressed.

I came to the event without any background knowledge of the designers, so I really didn't know what to expect. When the show started, I was a little unimpressed but the show did gradually get better. The designers who showed were Emily Brilliant, Amanda Fay, Holly Hobbs, Lisa Husberg, and Monica Li. Each showed about 5 looks they designed and I've got to admit, some of them where not impressive. I had either seen something like it before, or it didn't catch my eye. I do, however, must mention that although I was not fond over looks as a whole, there were individual pieces and accessories that I did love. There was one jacket (no picture, unfortunately) that was a cropped black bomber jacket with insane accents. It was paired with a long gray maxi dress. I also enjoyed the hand painted tie-dyed dress (picture below).

I don't have pictures of all the looks. Here are some that I managed to snap.
Enjoy - and tell me what you think of the show!

At the end of the show, we were mingling with our new friends and fellow bloggers Diya, In Her Stilettos, Katie, Her Side Job, and Jennifer, Lala and Bitsy.
We took some pictures together but Katie has them on her camera, so I'm just waiting for them to pop up on the Internet somewhere! Lol. While we were talking, someone came up to Kaidon and asked to take a picture with him because they were 'twinies'. The look on Kaidon's face was priceless! He was mortified, especially cause his shirt is Miley Cyrus for Wal-Mart and they very well could've been wearing the same shirt! Good times.
After the event we chatted more and took some pictures outside by the fountain again, this time with Diya.

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  1. I used to work over there by the fountain! Work it!