June 11, 2010


I wanted to write about change today but needed some motivation/inspiration so I decided to to put my shuffle on and Change by Hyun Ah from 4Minute came on. Coincidence? I don't know.

The only constant change in my life as of recent was the number of times I changed my outfit before being satisfied. Other than that, my life was pretty much consistent. Wake up, work, stay up till the sun rose, then sleep - and there was the occasional drinking and dancing on the weekends. I pretty much stuck in a cycle of life that I was not satisfied with.

My sister started asking me to help her with advertisements for her store, and being the loving brother that I am, I said yes - with some attitude of course. The call time was 8AM Monday thru Wednesday! C'mon now?! I haven't gotten up that early since... high school? If that. So after a few weeks of helping her, now I can write this blog and say that something has changed - for the better!

I'm no longer the boy who wasted his life when everyone was sleeping. I was definitely no early bird back in my day. Night owls unite! But now, I enjoy waking up early, maybe not at 7 or 8 every morning, but definitely earlier than before. The 'new' Vinh now thinks waking up past noon, or even 11, is a waste of my day. I can't get much done after that. Does anyone else feel like the PM goes by like lighting?

My point is. For all of my readers, all one of you, I hope that you guys can change one thing in your life that you have made habitual. It could be as small as the time you choose to wake up, like me, but that baby step could/will have a large impact on your life long term.

I saw this video by Davey Wavey on YouTube months before and never thought anything of it until I realized that I had experienced it. I just wanted to share it with you, too.


This is my bed, before I moved out and moved back home. I loved my bedroom. It was truly my sanctuary. I don't want to boast, but everyone loved my bed. It was soft, comfortable, inviting, and prone to naps.

Once I moved out for college. I had to bring the essence of my bed with me! Here's my bed and closet from my old dorm room. I wish I had a picture of it with my huge YSL campaign with Naomi Campbell hanging where that huge white space is.


Now I know that I didn't really incorporate that much fashion in this post, so I suppose I'll just talk about what I wear to bed really quick. I'm either sleeping in loose baggy basketball shorts with a really old thin t-shirt.

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