May 16, 2010

A touch of pink

This past weekend has been completely busy, actually, this past month has been completely busy and with current situations, I don't see relaxation and summer days ahead. Sorry, that was a run on sentence. But to get to my point, yesterday I went out with some good old friends and some new ones, too. I stopped by my cousin's workplace to meet her and had some quick photos of us taken by our friend Jenny. I sense in the future that you guys will be seeing more of her photos on here. I'm always looking for photographers that I can feel loose and unselfconscious with.

But this is enough rambling. Here are the pics.

Lately, I've been feeling a bit stressed and gloomy thinking about a situation that I wish not to express on here because it is personal and private. What I will say about the matter is that no one is dying, physically no but possibly metaphorically. It's the beginning of summer where everyone is finishing off their last finals, packing up and going back to their 'roots', so to speak. Unfortunately, I'm not going anywhere. I don't feel like I did when I used to get excited for hot summer days and long summer nights. I'd much perfer it be autumn so I can wear black and off blacks, as it is the color of my heart. Kidding. I'm not down in the dumps, but close. The soft minimal touch of color in my shirt and belt resemble hope that I'll be spashed with color very soon; as you can see the touch of pink underneath my peeling black shirt. Things will look up very soon. That's the thing with life and fashion, everyday is different, things are always changing, styles and trends are coming and going, it's an constant rollercoaster - much like our lives and emotions.

To quote Heidi (Klum, not Montag), one day your in and the next day you're out.

One day you're down and the next day you'll be floating on air.

Head to toe:
Urban Outfitters pink cotton shirt
Forever 21 black cotton shirt
Buddha beads from Metro Park
Miley Cyrus/Max Azria black denim
Aldo oxfords
Vintage blue leather belt with gold buckle
Vintage black leather bag

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  1. yay to circle lens! i definitely agree, i do not look forward to summer school.